Divorce Fixing in Minnesota

Federal funding motivates widespread corruption

Divorce cases are being fixed all across the United States

Why? For taxpayer money from the federal government - for OUR money.

My five children and I are victims of divorce case fixing in Colorado. Nearly everything I worked for over 25 years, including my paid-off home and business headquarters on 27 acres in the foothills near Denver, was taken from me and awarded to my adulterous wife and, in addition, I was ordered to pay monthly child support that was MORE than I was earning. The little I was awarded was quickly seized and I was purposely impoverished to keep me from fighting back. I was falsely arrested 4 times and literally run out of Colorado by the corrupt judicial officials, attorneys, and child support enforcement (CSE) officials, to shut me up and prevent my evidence from going on the record.

Minnesota seems to be just as corrupt as Colorado. Shortly after moving here, Colorado CSE officials registered the child support order in Le Sueur County for CSE services. I filed the proper paperwork to contest the registration in court and prepared for several months for the trial. I very easily proved that the Colorado orders were obtained by fraud, which according to Minnesota Statute required the judge, Richard C. Perkins, to vacate the registration; but Perkins granted it instead.I found out later that Perkins is just one of hundreds of "Case Fixers" in Minnesota.

The real 'kicker' in my case is that I do not owe child support because I had paid all of my child support obligations (shelter, food, clothing, and education) for my children's entire upbringing prior to my wife's divorce. Everyone involved knew this fact, but pursued me anyway so they could 'earn' federal funding from my account; and, in doing so, they all committed a federal crime.

My kids and I haven't seen each other for over 4 years and their mother has taken advantage of the crime sprees in both states to cut-off all communications and visitation, and has, along with her Minnesota sisters and Colorado friends, turned each of my kids against me. The brainwashing is taking place all around my children's community and even in our Catholic Church. Very few people seem to care at all that five children are growing up without their loving father.

Thank you for visiting my site. If you have any information about Minnesota or Le Sueur County corruption, in my case or any other, or if you know how a victim of crimes committed by officials can get justice, or if you know someone in the media that has the guts to speak the truth to the public, email me. It would be great to eventually have this story picked up by 60-Minutes or the like.

Our Story Continues Here: www.mnfix.webs.com

Other Corrupt Minnesota Counties: Carver County - See www.carvercountycorruption.wordpress.com

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